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We actively engage with these Young People - aged 7 years to 15 years, many of whom will be having behavioural problems, playing truant and getting into trouble generally.


We actively engage with these Young People to:


  • Provide positive male role models.

  • Reduce ASB and truancy levels.

  • Promote exercise and healthy living.

  • Help to tackle gang, knife and gun crime culture.

  • Help to tackle substance abuse.

  • Promote respect for the law, other people and property.

  • Reduce violence against girls and women.

  • Promote gender and racial equality in society.




Our programme is based on weekly sporting and educational initiatives, centred on the sport of amateur boxing, in a strictly non-contact format.  

We use the same protocols that an amateur boxer would take whilst training, with the total exception of any kind of sparring.


Our sessions are operated weekly over 39 (term time) weeks for anyone aged 7 - 15 years of age. The sessions are conducted by some of the very best coaches in the country, all of whom are fully qualified and experienced and hold Enhanced DBS clearance, as well as First Aid certificates.


Each session lasts 1 hour and instils discipline, respect, perseverance, fair-play and fitness, within a safe and controlled environment. 

All sessions comprise of 45 minutes of physical activity, combined with 15 minutes of educational content.

Every regular attendee able to take part in our award assessment - giving them a real sense of achievement.

Over each 39-week academic year the educational topics will include:


  • Healthy lifestyles;

  • Knife and gun crime awareness;

  • Substance abuse awareness;

  • Gender and racial equality;

  • Respect for the law;

  • Violence against girls and women;

  • Good citizenship;

  • Participation in sport;

  • Safety on the street;

  • Attending and working hard at school.





We have achieved a truly stunning level of success with our programmes, and that’s according to Parents and Guardians, who have reported:


  • 88% - Improvement in school attendance.

  • 86% - Reduction in anti-social behaviour involvement.

  • 83% - Improvement in schoolwork effort and attainment.

  • 100% - Improvement in attendee self-confidence.

  • 100% - Improvement in attendees respecting other people and property.

  • 100% - Increase in taking part in physical activity and sports.


  • Hertfordshire Police have even reported a reduction of anti-social behaviour in the specific areas where we operate of up to 39%.


No wonder we won a Queens Award for Voluntary Service in 2016!!!

Box Cleva is a Registered Charity in England and Wales number 1161216


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